Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Illustration Friday - "Undone"


Delight was the youngest sibling of the seven fictional characters from The Sandman, a series of graphic novels written by Neil Gaiman. But she later became Delirium as the rest of the existence evolved. To me it reflects the cynicism, bullying and hardness of this current world has destroyed the innocence and purity of Delight. I feel a certain sadness that she has become Undone.... what a beautiful world she used to live in with butterflies that appear wherever she goes and always surrounded by creative pure beautiful energy.
Now she cuts her hair in despair and is delirious most of the time with substance abuse.

The cracked face of Delight...

As her innocence bubbles away...

...Delight transforms into Delirium.

May the world become a better place where children don't grow up to be delirious too soon...

* 3 sleeps until Christmas (US) *
* 2 sleeps until Christmas Eve (Norwegian) *
:( pixy

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