Monday, 21 December 2009

I miss my painting! *waaa...*

I fear that I won't see this painting again because I left it in Australia with my brother's old house and he forgot to take it with him. This painting is based on the book "The Diary of Isobelle" by Mary Lide, which I dearly love to bring with me on my travels because it's about a woman's journey into a desert after a shipwreck and finding true love there with a Berber warrior. It has a long and touching narrative and very indicative of the courage we need to carry out our lives with integrity.
This was painted with acrylic paint, with white as an underpainting. The gold paint is to reflect the colours of the desert and the hope that Isobelle has in finding a new life.

* 4 sleeps until Christmas, and by my Norwegian lover's convoluted Scandinavian concept of Christmas, it's only 3 sleeps, because Christmas eve is the main day of Christmas *
:) pixy

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