Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ever wanted to feature in a Cartoon?

I did. I was in Winnie the Pooh land just yesterday, walking about to sit in "Pooh's Thotful Corner" and saw him sleeping in bed. I'm sure the TV cameras were hidden somewhere, capturing the joy we had walking on a sunny cold winter's day.

This was the boggy field I walked across to get to Pooh land.

This is Hobbit fooling around North Pole, as discovered by Pooh. I've been forbidden to show his face.

I'm proud to say I conquered North Pole too.

This is Rabbit's house, with a nice chimney. He's the only Rabbit with a sign outside his burrow.

Yes, bears are lazy creatures...

We came across a nice bubbling creek to clean our boggy shoes. But where are the "Big Stones + Rox"?

Look! Frozen ice at the edge! It's my first time seeing this... it's extremely exciting for me to see something resembling transparent plastic in nature, next to water and will melt into water! and look, it cracks! (yeah I know, yawn away, ye who live in cold temperate countries)

Look, another puddle with ice!!! I'm as happy as a scientist breaking the black hole theory of the year!
It's ice... ice... baby. 

We popped by Christopher Robin's house and he's not in. Gone for winter vacation.

This is the Pooh Bridge...

...overlooking a small (manmade?) waterfall...

There are road signs in case we got lost...

There we spotted Pooh's house under a tree!

There it is....mysterious looking isn't it? Where's Pooh?

*Knock knock*?

His mail doesn't seem to be overflowing so he must be around...

His house is locked though...

Maybe I'll look inside the window...oh look! There's a pic of a bee in there.

...that window is too high for me to peep into. Wherefore art thou, Pooh Bear?

Ooo....there he is! Snuggly wuggly in bed.

I should have rang the bell...instead of climbing up and down to look for him.

Well, I shan't disturb him...will send a postcard to him with this picture instead :)

In the meantime I'm stopping here for a picnic...

Wait I spot Piglet's house!

Aww...isn't this adorable? I love postboxes like this.

Then I spotted a sign with a hint of politics in it. Where's the hidden camera? The drama between Owl and Kanga would make good TV!

In the meantime, Owl (Wol) has already built his house on the tree. One up for Owl!


I stopped to admire the beauty of the frozen dewdrops on the grass. Actually I took a lot more pictures of grass and trees, but I shall bore my friends on Facebook instead of you.

Look there's ice again! In the sandy pit. That's Hobs trying to break the ice.

Look Ma, there's plastic on the water. No, silly that's just ice. How fascinating...all these years of theory about ice-skating and ice forming on ponds never strike as deep as the actual experience of ice on water. Never knew it could be that transparent...

...or that thin... like fragile ice glass that melts. Not as fragile as a snowflake, it holds for a while. I see now where Snow Queen's magic came from.

That's the end of our journey to Winnie the Pooh land...

For more information... go to this website!
For the parents, this place is called
Aldenham Country Park in Dagger Lane, Elstree, Hertfordshire, WD6 3AT, UK.

x pixy

Update: Hobbit's just given me permission to put his face up, so here goes one of him :)

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