Friday, 4 December 2009

Busy Day

Today is the day that I discovered I'm going to be busy for the next few days!
So many things to do before I go to Norway, so many errands, cards to send etc.
And it's been eating into my sleep.

Aaaaahhhh, my vacation is truly over.

Yesterday night I happen to be in Regent Street / Oxford Circus area and I wished I had my camera because I finally see why and how London is considered a beautiful large city. The buildings were amazingly tall, lit by beautiful fairy lights and everyone was beautiful. Smiles on their faces, of different nationalities. I truly felt I was in a fairyland.

Anyway I was there to fix my iPhone in this huge Apple store at Regent Street and I finally found out what's wrong. The iPhone hit a corner where there's a lot of sensitive circuits and camera, so when it sizzled (oh yes it did) and smoke came out, it's probably a short circuit. Anyway, a repair report was written and I have to send it to a USA Apple store again.....

So at least I got this errand done and got to find out after a year, what happened to my iPhone. Finally some answers!

Anyway.... I walked about the big department stores in Regent Street and absorbed the sweet consumerism and the beauty of the illusion of grandeur I'm in. It may be illusion, but it's such beautiful illusion. It no longer draws me in to consume beautiful things for myself, but such contentment to leave it outside of me and enjoy the beauty. Such freedom.... I love being alone walking around such stores.

:) pixy

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