Sunday, 29 November 2009

Christmas Cards 2/4 - "I Heart Christmas"

"I Heart Christmas"
Who doesn't love Christmas? I've come across one or two people who dislike Christmas because of its commercialism, but even though I grew up in a family that didn't celebrate Christmas as a tradition, it's a time of beauty and a sense of contemplation. The year is nearly over, and what have we accomplished? Do we want more clarity, love and consciousness in our actions and thoughts in the next year? Have we helped someone achieve peace? Have we felt peace in our lives? Have we done everything with our true conscience, and if we didn't, how can we make amends?

If we had felt peace at least a tiny little moment in the year that is going to past, then we have accomplished a great deal. If we had many little moments of peace, then we have added to the Soul of the World a great deal of happiness and joy. Let us pray and let us be happy then in this festive season, to celebrate the coming and going of this life. Let us celebrate the spirit of giving to others and not expect anything in return.

* 26 sleeps till Christmas! *
:) pixy 

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  1. Nice. Your drawings are very cute... nice words too... love K


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