Saturday, 28 November 2009

Christmas Cards 1/4 - "Playing with the Stars"

 "Playing with the Stars"

This is one of my favourite Christmas card designs that I drew for my aunt. Now that I've been to Norway, I am surprised to see that the trees and houses in my imagination were not too far off from reality. I love drawing happy cats, and I imagine that if we could reach up to the stars, they would be delighted to play with us humans too. Of course we promise not to be nasty and cynical, so that magical things will happen to us...

x pixy


  1. My dear primary school bestie,

    I was sorting out old (like really, really old!) mails some weeks back and came across a bunch of cards lovingly hand-drawn by you. They still look as spunky as they did nearly 20 years ago. How time flies. I love them to bits! =)

    Lovely blog, btw.


  2. Dear toes,
    I'm soooo glad you still kept my cards, because I'll be sad if you threw them away. If you ever decide to though, please send them back to me wherever I am. I'm so glad they have brought you joy :P

    xoxo pixy


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