Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Who is Little Pixy Boots?

Little Pixy Boots is a self-taught Artist who has been illustrating since she is four years old (she is now in her official "30s"). Her first doodle was a few monster-like faces on the first few blank pages of her favourite Gulliver's Travels picture book, because she thought blank pages are meant to be filled up. Her first rise to fame was when she won an art competition at 9 years old, on her mum's company outing to an offshore island. She won a set of crayons, a set of colour pencils and a drawing block.


Pixy Boots then decided at the age of 16 that she wanted to be a film director, while sitting on the floor of her grandma's living room and watching the TV. However her path into the TV and film industry has led her to be a TV producer, after starting from the bottom as a production assistant and wedding videographer/photographer.


She is still an aspiring film director, with a few scripts in various stages of development. She is also a freelance photographer and blogger. She's been traveling for more than 6 months away from home to do volunteer work. Her home is on a tropical island, but now she's staying in a Viking Man's hut in -20 degrees Celsius Norway. 


She has now set up her blog for her art because art has always been there, but sadly neglected in her CV.  To make amends, she is starting to practice her art again and learning new ways to colour her illustrations in Photoshop.


Pixy Boots would love comments to encourage her in her re-learning process. Enjoy the blog :)



The Official Introduction for Companies:

I’m 31 years old, born and raised in Singapore - with Chinese Singaporean parents. I am now residing as a samboer in Oslo, Norway with my Norwegian fiance. In recent years I have lived and worked in Los Angeles, London, Spain and Israel  – where I have been working as an International Media Consultant. I've also lived one year in Australia where I was studying in the Queensland University of Technology.
I speak and write English, Mandarin and Japanese fluently and am learning Norwegian language as my fourth language. I also have a good verbal understanding of Spanish and my parents' dialects - Taiwanese and Teochew.
I have recently finished working in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 as an Assistant Venue Manager. Stian Malme in NRK, my Venue and Delegation Manager at Telenor Arena, is happy to be the reference for my work and character. I have worked as a TV producer with six years’ experience in production on films, live entertainment shows, TV commercials, internet TV, dramas and corporate videos.

In 2002, I obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Film and TV from Queensland University of Technology in Australia, and I also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with merit from the National University of Singapore (N.U.S.) in 2001.

I have international work, leisure and travel experience in many countries since young and have learned to know different cultures in Europe, North America and Asia.  This has made me adaptable and open-minded towards people and challenges.

In my work experience, I have worked on dramas for kids as an assistant director and entertainment/reality shows as an assistant producer. I also have held various positions like TV producer, administrative assistant, videographer, photographer, editor and production assistant. In these jobs, good communication and organization skills, a pleasant personality and a positive attitude have been essential qualities. My ex-colleagues knew me as a creative, efficient and resourceful individual, with an eye for detail.

My motivation is to produce exciting shows in Norway and abroad, make new friends as well as gain further work experience in an international environment. 
When I get my work permit in July, I seek a full-time employment within Film, TV & Event Production. I also welcome job offers in illustration and graphic design.


  1. Skillful and really cute blog. Keep it coming, Adri.

  2. Love the blog and the enthusiasm. Not enough people like you in the world!

    Best Wishes,

  3. Loads of talent and energy, engaging comments that make me smile.
    Really enjoy your blog Pixy xGail

  4. Hey fellow singaporean in norway! Im another singaporean gal in norge too! I've been here since 2007, not too long but long enough to miss singapore esp the food! hehe..let's get connected! :)

  5. Love the effort you put into your about page. Very entertainment! x


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