Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Homemade Cards for Friends 3/5: Season's Greetings

Entitled Season's Greetings.

The colours here are gorgeous, with reds and autumn colours. It's not too Christmassy so this can be used for any festive season; the colours even fit in with Chinese New Year, where the lucky colour red is splashed on everywhere.

Created with 

1. an old four-leaf-clover pendant my friend gave me (was getting yellow, but fitted right in on such a card)
2. old silver and red wrapping paper for the frame of the pic
3. old wrapping paper with rose print in vintage colours
4. gold border stickers
5. straw string from Thailand (from a craft shop in Bangkok)
6. Thai handmade paper with yellow pressed flower petals
7. gold letter stickers for "S" and "G"
8. rub-on letters in black (old stock on sale from the trusty art shop)
9. our usual Shanghai poster girl from the internet. 

Hint: When printing pictures from the internet, be selective with pictures. Choose high quality ones, print in the best quality possible using matte paper or ordinary print paper if you are going for an aged look.

Trivia: This card (as well as some others) was photographed against my pretty handmade bag from India, and an old rattan basket I picked up next to my neighbour's trash. I know...I am taking the recycling business too seriously, but I did wipe the basket thoroughly after I brought it home.

That's all folks!
x pixy

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