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Blått Lerret 16 Mar 2016

Blått Lerret mars 2016
Grand Hotel

Blått Lerret (The Blue Screen) is a quarterly event organised by the Norwegian Film Institute's Promotion and International Relations department (lanseringsavdelingen) to promote Norwegian films that are premiering in the coming season. This time it is to promote three films that are coming in Spring - Grand Hotel, Pyromannen (Pyromaniac) and Sensommer (Late Summer). Hisham Zaman's short "A Boy in the Picture" opened the evening.

All the films seem interesting with the producer, directors and actors discussing the films with an intriguing insight to the production process. Entrance is usually 100 kroners plus 75 kr, but I have some connections so I always get in on the guest list :)

 Blått Lerret at Parktheatret in Grunerløkka. 
Doors opened at 19:30 and the event began at 20:00.
The host was Kalle Løchen and there was DJ and bar for the whole evening.
 Interview with Hisham Zaman for A Boy in the Picture. I liked the short quite well because it didn't have any dialog, only black and white shots of the boy as he went along his day. After speaking to the director privately, I found out that the boy was his nephew and that he was chosen because he resembled the director when he was a boy. It is in a way, an interesting self-portrait made decades into a person's life.

 Interview with Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken, director of Sensommer. 
A highly productive young director who likes to work mostly with film cameras, not digital. I have great admiration and respect for his skill and enthusiasm for film that he keeps producing. That is the level of creativity that I want to have and everyone is capable of reaching that potential.

Film location was also the accomodation for 14 actors and crew.

 Comedian Atle Antonsen stars in Grand Hotel

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