Thursday, 27 August 2015

Berlin 2015 - Jewish museum

When one visits Berlin, a museum they shouldn't miss is the Jewish Museum Berlin.
It is a fascinating but sobering experience, when one realises that a group of human beings can do horrendous things to another group of human beings for some idealism. This isn't some theory or history in a book but reality of violence that repeats itself and at present.

I love Menashe Kadishman's installation entitled Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves).
Transience amplified. Poisoned by Nazism.

The grim triangle of light reminds one of the little light they must have in the shelters they go to. Inside they must be screaming in fear, no matter how brave they hold up. What will happen to their kids, family and themselves?

Walking on the faces creates a loud clanging noise that echoes and amplifies in the hallway of death. The noise of one is locked up in chains, trying to escape. Despair. Trampled upon by others. "I am better than you, bitch" Bullying. I don't give a ****about you - you are nothing. Dirt on your face is well-deserved.

Over 10,000 lives lost - of which genes, family history, intelligence disappears along with them. One wonders if the human race becomes stupider because of the lost of such valuable lives. The multiple insinuations of this installation is well-thought-out.

I cried inside for these wasted lives and pray that pain, hate and unrest in this world and in the hearts of human beings will disappear one day.

~ pixy

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