Sunday, 12 February 2012

Kalyana Logo - for my friend in Canada

I wish I have more time for this blog but I guess nowadays I just have to put on the pictures and do less talking. So, on with the show :)

Design brief: Make it look like my photogram that my friend/client so loves .... with the shades and shadows. Love the butterfly, they said. Wanted some streaks in the back, with reflection. It's a spa focused on wellness. No red (unfortunately in Canada, it reminds one of sex). Kalyana is a Sanskrit word.

Kalyana Logo Design - Black with effects
Kalyana Logo - Plain Black
Kalyana Logo Design - Black on white background

Hope you guys like it. I know my friend-slash-client does.
Created and drawn in Illustrator. These above images are created with Photoshop as well.


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