Saturday, 4 June 2011

Some of my favourite photos of Norway

I was looking through some of my photos that I've never posted on this blog and thought to share with you my favourites!

1. Taken during a walk, very typical Norwegian house and trees.

2. Mid-winter by the beach with summer huts on an island, and a frozen boat

3. It was a beautiful sunset (solnedgang in Norwegian, meaning "sundown's way or time")

4. This was taken in the summer on the beach. Norway has rocky beaches with brownish sand. The text on the ship shouts "Happy on the water!"

5. Mid-summer festival called Sankt Hans Aften (St. Hans Day), celebrated with children dancing round the maypole, a very old tradition. Such practices were mentioned in Shakepeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Words cannot express how much gratitude I have to see something rare like this live.

6. Taken near my house. Norwegians are so proud of their country, they have their flag up all year round.

7. Wooden church built during Viking times... see the "dragon" heads on the roof tips?

 8. A neighbour's Christmas postbox. My favourite season in Norway is winter, although it stretches a little too long, perhaps. But nothing beats having snow and fire during Christmas!


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  1. So lovely! Like a storybook! Makes me wish to visit. =)


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