Thursday, 5 May 2011

Birdie at my window

One of the things I noticed when I came back to Singapore (yes, I'm back after two long years) is the noise level difference between Norway and Singapore.

I've never noticed it before, but nowadays my sleep has been disturbed by

1. the **** neighbours' dogs who like to talk to each other about their supper at 3am in the morning

2. crickets (typical in tropical countries)

3. cars outside my window

4. the noise of the fan and air-con??? (the price of keeping cool in Singapore)

5. my wake-up call by birds

What, birds, you say?

Yep, birds. Particularly one little red-crested bird who loves giving me a heart attack every morning around 8 am by tapping really, really loudly on my window. In my dreams, it always sounds like a few loud knocks on my window by a polite burglar.

"Excuse me, can I come in through your window please? It's easier than taking the back door."

Never mind that my bedroom is on the second storey with a sloping slippery roof that would need a skilled rockclimber to scale it.

Hallo? Anybody home?

I wonder if I can build my nest here by pecking a hole.

Hey, nobody's lookin' right?
Here goes! It really looks like my nice home-tree out there.

Peck peck. Hey, this wood is tougher than I tho't.

What about here? Nah...might be too dark for my mate.
 What I'm guessing is that the bird has nothing against me sleeping, just trying to make a new home for him and his missus. I've seen his missus. Plain li'l brown one, just like him except for the red crest. They often hop around the tree outside my room right after sunrise.

What's confusing him must be the bright reflection of that tree in my window. I don't know how this bird can be so blind, but maybe brown metal frames of windows can look like trunks. hmmmm.... I hope I don't get that confused in my old age.

I give him points for persistence though. He's been pecking at my window for 3 mornings. I'm hoping to catch him in action at this window below tomorrow...

He's been there a few times, but whenever I get close, he sees either my camera or movement and he flutters away. I nearly caught a good shot today.

Anyway, that's the extend of my adventures in Singapore today, keke.


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