Friday, 29 April 2011

My New Portfolio is up

Recently I made a magazine layout in Adobe InDesign based on one of my favourite magazines. It was quite a fun project and here's a glimpse of what I did :)

For this, I edited some of the headlines and text from an issue of Computer Arts. The cover art is my own, modified from a previous illustration I did. It was hand-drawn, scanned and coloured in Photoshop. Took me three days in 2007. It would probably take me much less time now because I've learnt so much over the years. I did remember, however, that a lot of the time was spent cleaning up the pencil marks and outlines on the drawing. Lesson learnt: Draw clean outlines before scanning!

I made up some of the text and gave myself an exclusive interview, keke. On this above page, I used one of my favourite black and white creations in the darkroom, entitled Freedom.

Right now I'm watching the Royal Wedding live on tv and it's really nice to see the proper British royalty, dressed up in beautiful feathered hats and pretty dresses. The Westminster Abbey looks beautiful with a red carpet in the centre, and I'm quite surprised to see some maple trees inside the church! A forest in the abbey?? It's a nice symbolism for growth and sustainability.

Ok, gotta focus on the wedding now. Talk soon :)

See more on my new portfolio


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