Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Illustration Friday: Bicycle

I've been feeling bad for not posting anything up for a long time, so this week I was determined to post something despite running around for errands.

A bicycle is such a basic mode of transport. It reminds me of my early childhood days of falling and learning how to balance on it, and the memories of journeys on two wheels. It's such a journey to explore on bicycle and tough it out, especially in Norway, where roads go up and downhill a lot, unlike flat Singapore.

IF - Bicycle

This week, the simple bicycle reminds me of a storyboard...
...I drew long time ago but was never used. I am using it to illustrate the transition I faced coming back to urban Singapore from relatively rural part of Norway I lived for the past 1 1/2 years. The landscape changes from vast fields and mountains to a crowded bustling city, and although I flew by air to the land I grew up on, the bicycle in this illustration symbolises my journey between the countries and the differences between the two. I miss and love both countries. Most of all, I'm thankful for how lucky I am to have grown up and lived in these two countries which are safe and sheltered.

The only discrepancy is that in Norway, they have wheat fields, not rice fields. :P
The rice I carry is the memory of my Chinese culture and its heritage that I bring around with me, no matter where I live. Even though they say in the West that white rice is unhealthy, that's the stuff that I grew up on and like water, it's simple and remains my favourite staple food.

Hope you've enjoyed my illustration!


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