Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Angels have a Sense of Humour

This morning I woke up with the song "Eternal Flame" by Kylie Minogue in my head.

I was dreaming about being on a highway with another female, and then stopping by a showroom for new flats, when this song was being played in the loudspeakers of the showroom and two guys in another room was singing it off-key.

In the past, dreams as such to me held no meaning; however, this time it's significant because I saw the highway as myself on track to a new life and beginning with my union with Viking Man, and the showroom is a symbol of my search of new possibilities. The female in the car with me could very well be my guardian angel. The loudspeaker could represent the universe sending me a message through music which moves the heart (because Eternal Flame is one of my favourite songs from the '80s), and the two other guys in another room could be my guides. I think one of them can be this spirit I drew before. They were singing really off-key though!

I woke up singing the song too :) This song is a good sign for us - Viking Man and I. Because it means that he is my Eternal Flame :) Before this, I thought we are more like the illustration Linked that I drew some time ago for Illustration Friday...

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