Thursday, 12 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Mrs Passes!

Today is the birthday of one of my favourite ladies in the world, and here's the card I drew for her.

The Mother Figure

I named this piece "The Mother Figure". It's such a simple drawing that I'm almost ashamed to give it a name, yet somehow the simplicity is what's beautiful about it.

Closeup of "mother"

Perhaps this piece was inspired spiritually; I just felt it was right to leave it simple, unlike my usual complicated style.
Closeup of "girl"
I don't remember ever wearing red ribbons in my hair, but I centainly like them on my little girl. Viking Man asked me why the girl is blond, if it's supposed to represent me. I argued it was not, but on closer inspection...maybe it is. Maybe I've always fancied myself blond :P

I love the simple way I did the shadows.
It's good to be in love with my own art.. there is no other way an artist should be.

Happy Birthday, Mother of Passes!


  1. Pixy is a gracious, magical, totally lovely angel ..... Mother Passes was moved by YOUR words and love ..... A future good time shopping outing to "WAITROSE" is 100% definitely on the cards ..... thank YOU for being YOU and loving my mum ..... YOU are a true ANGEL ..... love HOBS xxx

  2. Mother Passes is a true Earth angel too...Love u! xoxox pixy


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