Monday, 26 July 2010

Norsk Folkemuseet (Norwegian Folk Museum)

The Norsk Folkemuseet isn't your typical ordinary museum. It has an outdoor area of approximately 140 000 sq. meters, and if you include The Royal Farm, it all adds up to approximately 2 000 000 sq. meters. This is a cute kiosk for Narvesen, a mama store or convenience store on the street in the olden days of Norway.

A replica of an old street in a typical Norwegian town.

Typical grass-growing roof of traditional Norwegian hytte or huts. If your hytte is build on the side of a hill, your cow may graze on the roof. Quite a hazard I must say, but there's an old folks' tale about a silly farmer who did just that.
That's a little store hut for drying...animal skin? Clothes? A "drying kiln" is what the sign says. The bigger hut behind Viking Man is a house for animals like sheep. Viking Man is carrying a red recyclable "big bag" for our picnic.

Something's smelling good and people are popping their heads into this warm dark hut for...

Delicious traditional Norwegian lefse made from potato

The chimney smoke indicates 'Open for Business', as the two lefse ladies make and sell their lefse in the hot dark hut (hytte) *Click for a larger image*
Traditional Norwegian horseride in Norsk folkemuseet
Midsummer's Day - Maypole, made famous by Shakespeare in Midsummer Night's Dream
A lady in black started playing a xylophone, while two elderly ladies dressed in traditional bunads (folk dresses) started gathering the children around the maypole and danced around it. They also sang some traditional songs, quite an amazing sight for me to see a recreation of such a centuries-old tradition! I've only read this in a Shakespearen play!

Traditional sour cream porridge on Midsummer's Day or Sankt Hans Aften.
Traditional Norwegian lollipop
A crown for the girl who participated in the traditional children's marriage held on Midsummer's Day
It was a nice horse ride for all of us on the horse carriage! Quite a queue.
The horse ride was free with the entry, and I must say this is the best museum ever!

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