Friday, 25 June 2010

Preview of Photos I took for Viking Man's Book

For Viking Man's upcoming techically complicated, jargon-loaded book, I have invested a little of my artistic sensibilities into the layout of the book so that it doesn't look like your typical dull technical academic book that I'm sure all engineers dread to delve into.

Then again, I might be totally on the wrong design track for this one. Maybe engineers prefer to look just at line diagrams and technical jargon, with the view that "artistic space", photos and layouts are a confusing distraction to their eyes and minds. Hmmmm.... I don't see why there can't be a fusion. Anyway, here's my two pence' worth.

Black and white photography - always my first love!

Each of these photos will appear on the title page. 
(That's the shadow of my potted plant by the window sill)

I really enjoyed taking these photos of V.M's manuscript on my bed. The idea of transforming some boring diagram to something that's attractive to my eyes, was appealing to me. I snapped away quite happily. I combined two diagrams in Photoshop to give an impression that this is a book with double-sided pages.

I made use of the nice Norwegian summer light in these photos. No extra lights, just me, my camera and the trusty sun.

Numbers and calculations. I'm glad I'm just the photographer of the end product.
(Viking Man assisted me in bending the papers according to my direction, so as to get the nice curves you see in the photo ;P)

These photos remind me of my school days, when I used black and white film to take such pictures. Now I use only a digital SLR. The photos turned out pretty much black and white without editing.

For this photo above, I juxtaposed two shadows from other photos onto this one. This is a figure of a "Push-to-Talk" electronic diagram used in air traffic control systems.

Pretty arty stuff, don't you think?


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