Friday, 2 April 2010

Four Years. Go.

This video is incredibly significant.
What can we do to help our planet?
In the next four years, we can make an impact on how we live in the next 1,000 years.

Think recycle, reuse, reduce (yeah I know, cliche, but true).
Every time I go to the supermarket, I try to remember to bring my big "poser" (bags) to carry my groceries home. Reducing the number of plastic bags I use is part of my daily routine now. Many supermarts sell them next to their checkout counters now. 

I would also rather walk to the supermarket (10min walk) rather than drive. More exercise, less fossil fuel used. Look at it this way - it's using *your* energy, versus *earth's* energy, and I'd rather use mine. I think our genes are made for this exercise anyway.

Of course in Norway things are made harder during winter. Cycling is rather dangerous on icy roads but some people still do it. I fall sick, and don't think I can brave the cold air in my lungs too long, that's when I decide to take the car for self-preservation.

When I'm in the supermarket I try to check my automatic response to reach out for the plastic bag to wrap the loose piece of grapefruit or orange if I'm buying only one. I wish mango's don't come wrapped individually in a plastic bag on a plastic tray, but I don't spot any loose ones. Sometimes because of this reason, I prefer shopping in Asian supermarkets which don't fuss over packaging and sell veggies loose. I like the simplicity.

So when the food does come in packages, what do I do? First I think: reuse. If I can reuse the plastic trays for the bottom of my potted plants, I use it. Sometimes I keep the bigger nicer (more presentable) trays for holding pens on the table, or my vitamin bottles. If I could reuse the glass jars for holding flour, sugar, rice, leftover canned food, I use them. I love reusing glass jars, because they are more solid that plastic and feels nicer, if you know what I mean. After I remove the labels with hot water, I can paste my own labels!

I think I'm sounding very much like a desperate housewife.

Anyway, if I can't reuse my waste, what do I do? I recycle. Recycling is easier in the outskirts of Oslo than inside of Oslo. I walked around my whole neighbourhood and realised there is only recycling for paper, glass, metal, and the strangest thing, plastic LIDS.... 

*pixy scratches her head* Why plastic lids and not the whole she-bang escapes me. So I collect all my plastic waste in IKEA kids' toy organiser (3 nice drawers, in a tower) and bring them back to Son, where there are recycling bins for plastic materials.

Hope I don't sound too overboard. I know some do think so. But it's the only way I could live on my conscience generating all these plastic waste in modern living.

So, be conscious. Be environmentally conscious.
:) pixy


  1. Keep up the good work, Pixy! And check out for more information on the FOUR YEARS. GO. campaign.

  2. I have gone to the website and good job in inspiring individuals and communities around the world to take action!


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