Friday, 12 March 2010

More of the snow...more!

Here's more photos of where I live...
Pretty, huh?

You are pretty...oh so pretty...

Doesn't it look like a postcard?

Snow falling!

I can't remember if I've posted this picture...but just in case you missed out, here it is :)
Snow on the garage. It's been dripping and melting now.
No more snow and ice on the roads today, just went shopping in Son Centrum and it's slushy there.

Just to make up for my lost (winter) childhood, I started throwing snowballs at the ice on the sea. I successfully made a hole. But I've discovered that ice is stronger than snow, and snowballs float on seawater. Fascinating stuff. Oh, and I saw a seagull skid on sea-ice today while making a landing. The ducks and seagulls have been (still) walking on sea-ice to clamour for (human) food in the jetty because it's good business there.

Oh, and did I mention that two huge swans flew by Viking Man's mum and I at the jetty?
From a distance I thought they were gigantic seagulls heading straight for us. They circled round the jetty and found some nice cosy spot 100m away from us on the melted sea.
First time I've seen swans *that* close, in the sky!

This is Pixy Boots, signing out from Son, Norway. Over and out.

:) pixy

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