Thursday, 11 March 2010

Last Ice and Snow in Norway

Apparently the last ice and snow is melting...

Finally the golden spring sun is back and March is the time when roads become slushy, and people fall down more easily because of the slippery roads. 

I made that up. 
I think all Norwegians literally grew up on snow and skis so they know how to walk on two steady feet on ice. Not me. I'm really looking forward to falling myself a slushy mess....yep. Ouch...!

This winter I didn't play enough outdoors. The snow is 1 metre thick in the yard and I'm going to waste all of it. I need to make up for the missing years in snow, to catch up to those Norwegians of my age. I don't really want to make a fool of myself. Especially if I want to walk on heels and look glam on the slippery Oslo streets... hah. 

Looking glam on snow and skis is a real tough one for me. Especially if you kept falling every two steps. I exaggerate, but I reckon that's 80% close to the truth.

Anyway, enough photos of snow and ice!

First, admire my neighbour's red curtains. I have been eying them the whole winter, wondering if I should splurge on some too. 

But then, the icicles took the limelight from them when temperatures rose to slightly above 0 degrees Celsius and then plunge back to -20. Finally I understood that snow needs to melt to form icicles...duh.

Btw, did I ever mention I was glad that Norwegians talk in Celsius, not Fahrenheit? Now I really know what -20 degrees mean. It means the insides of your nostrils get frozen, and you breathe in ice. It means going out wrapped up like a mummy. It means my body can take a 54-degree difference in temperature from Singapore to Norway, yessiree.

View from front porch of the garage

Icicle..oh wondrous icicle!
(in the back is the shed that Viking Man built for firewood...he's a genius in building and fixing stuff. I do love a man like that.)

I was fascinated by the ice beneath the snow. Wow.

Then these freakin' guys showed up. Look at those beauties!

Another view of them when they grew longer and larger...

View of the beauties with the bird-feed we have for the tweeties.

*I just can't get enough... I just can't get enough*


Look at the monstrosity! We had to hack the icicle and turn them into...

...our very own ice sculptures. Those are long. The snow was about 50cm thick.

They make a welcoming sight to our hut and snowy garden.

I tried to capture the diamonds in the snow, but I don't think I'm very successful.

My twig collage. The second from the right looks like a fossilised insect. Click for bigger image :)

Snow is a fascinating creature.

The sun hardly rose above that height during the deepest darkest winter, around Christmas.

Which makes the sky ever so blue.

That's the bird feed we hung up.

More in next post!
(for some reason I can't upload any more photos)

:) pixy

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