Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Illustration Friday: Propagate... with babies?

I'm one week late with this drawing.... amidst all the settling into a new house and finding Norwegian language courses, this is the soonest I could finish painting...


Both Bad Faerie 1 and Propagate were painted with watercolours. However the techniques were different - Propagate was done with a wetter brush and Bad Faerie 1 was inspired by Daniel Merriam's dry brush technique. 

Incidentally, this illustration was inspired last Wednesday when I had a dream that I gave birth to quadruplets (can you imagine???) I was scolded for being a bad mother because I only feed them once at 1pm in the day, and 1am in the night. But they were peaceful, one girl and three boys. The two boys in the middle are fair, the far right baby is darker.

The baby girl is inspired by someone I know who's very pretty :) I hope if I ever had a girl, she would be as pretty as this, with long lashes and beautiful soft skin.

The two fair boys. The one on the left has a higher forehead and I imagined to be more intellectual. The right one will be more practical and hands on, though no less intelligent.

This one is the crybaby of the lot, always wanting attention.

To pacify them, I surrounded them with lollipop flowers :P

Haha.... this is of course not the actual scenario from my dream but mixed with a little fantasy. I drew them wrapped up in an egg shape too, to indicate fertility. Hmm... maybe my time is up for babies, but practically I'll have to wait. The sprouts at the bottom of the sofa (strangely brown and old looking) indicates fertile ground for propagation!

Coincidentally, this is the first time I've drawn babies!
:) pixy

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