Thursday, 4 March 2010

Absolut Vodka...*hic* I mean, Music...anyone?

For some strange reason, it only occurred to me now that I can post my Photoshopped designs on this blog. Those that I'm proud of, of course. Not those that are *scrunchy face* miserable attempts at looking good.

So here's something I'm proud of doing before, because it was such a great learning process and I was really pleased with its results.

This was a flyer (A4, folded length-wise to half) I couldn't have done without the creative input of the musician Yi Kai, my Viking Man and Jules, my cartoonist friend. Jules added the water droplets for me through an add-on on her computer in England, added reflections, grouped my erratic layers and sent it all the way back to Norway. 

Next, I did the rest of the painstaking work of editing the faces, body and text to make it Absolut-ly Perfect. Getting the curves and the proportions right is repetitive work done with blood and sweat. I like the cold effect I made with the back of the bottle. Looks cold enough to come from the North Pole. 

I first learnt how to render the lighting effect with this project.  The face up there of Mr Ravel the Musician was also painstakingly edited with blending effects to make it look like glass. Finding the right font took some time on the internet too.

So what I'm trying to ramble on about is...

It took a Lot of Time to do this and I'm Absolut-ly Proud of this....


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