Monday, 15 February 2010

The Art of Enjoying

I enjoyed a video on "The Art of Enjoying" so much that I've burned a DVD and designed the cover for it for my Chinese friend Mei. Her husband sadly passed away 21 days ago, and Viking Man and I spent Chinese New Year's Eve dinner with her so that she can think about something else for one day.

I quite like what I did even though it's simple. Learnt how to make rounded corners and add Chinese words in Photoshop :)

:) pixy


  1. Chinese is very difficult for me without photoshop :P compliments for this cover is simple and suggestive :)


    ps: your pixie "confined" is wonderful with colour!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment! The cover was inspired by the comment in the video that enjoyment is to work the field within ourselves, thus the farmer :)

    I'm glad you are dropping in regularly!


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