Thursday, 14 January 2010

Today's Sketch 13.1.10 - "Curlball"

Today two gifts arrived into my hands. They were birthday gifts from my loved ones in Singapore - Kerjie, Qi and my godson Ash. They are wonderful presents and Kerjie gave me some very nice stickers for my craftwork, and Qi seemed to have read Kerjie's mind by giving me a photo album for me to use them on. Qi also made a fantastic photo scrapbook of my 14-month-old godson Ash, who incidentally is her son :)

When Kerjie and I were in secondary school, we used to doodle curlballs and furballs like the above all over each other's notes and text books. They would hold the most meaningful quotes of life like "LDV needs to go and pee!" Haha...what it means is secret to us of course.

In the meantime I was very touched by Qi's thoughtfulness in her gifts. She knows me - that I should focus on my creativity and developing my art too. This year, many people seem to be giving me gifts for my art and notebooks!

I think it's a hint to me that I need to focus on my art and on developing my ideas; perhaps even to develop my writing skills more too... I should perhaps try to finish that script that I've stopped writing for some time...



  1. Wow, that is some trip down memory lane. Seriously though, you were the one doing all the real drawing; you know I can't draw a stick figure to save my life.

    Kerj x

  2. Curlballs were first introduced to me by you, Kerj, so perhaps you would be able to draw a curlball to save your life? haha.


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