Tuesday, 12 January 2010

IF: Artificial a.k.a. Today's Sketch - "Acrylic Nails"

First up, I must confess that this sketch isn't drawn today. It was sketched a few years ago when I was working with a local TV artiste who was very into long acrylic nails with lots of glitter and sparkles. I thought it suited her perso-nail-ity (pardon the pun) very well so I sketched this.

Of course some can say this is a critique of how women focus so much on their physical beauty that it becomes an artificial representation of who they are, but I'm not saying anything...

Second up, why I couldn't draw today is because I'm not feeling that well in my tummy today (ahhh... yes that mysterious women's syndrome every month) so do pardon me. The best I could do today is to post an entry and go back to bed and cuddle with a cup of hot honey water.

So enjoy...while I hug myself to bed.

:) pixy

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