Saturday, 9 January 2010

Pixy's Birthday Resolution 2010

Haha... this is a difficult one.
This year I'm going to set a resolution that I'm not sure if I can fulfill.

I would like to sketch something big or small everyday and post it up on my blog for 30 days.

However I don't know if I can do it for 365 days. I think that might be hard taking into account that I might want a holiday from the computer.

The last time I issued a 30-day challenge was when I was writing on my other blog on MySpace.

That was a hard challenge to keep and what a stressful job it was to find new topics everyday! I managed 27 days out of 30 days, which means I still get an "A" (above 75%) if I go by my secondary/high school grading system, but it's not something I'm proud of.

Being a perfectionist is such a torture to live with sometimes, because I do kick my own butt to knock the laziness out of me, so that I can behave in integrity.

I really need to stick to my goal this time, because it's a fascinating process to observe myself. I had watched myself have the urge to cheat (why not write two articles while I'm in the mood, and then just post the second one next day? Or how about posting it later, but change the date to the day before?)

Ahhhh.... who am I lying to but myself?

Yes, this challenge almost has the symbolic meaning of a quest, a quest to discover myself and find out if I still have rough edges to smooth and to learn forgiveness for any fear and guilt I might have if I am not (yet) as perfect as I aspire to be.

It was a relief when the previous 30-day challenge was over.... but I do want to challenge myself this time to focus more on art and start getting into practice. I don't know if this challenge will make art seem more like a chore than a love, but it's worth a try to find out!

So henceforth, my first sketch shall appear tomorrow morning.
I rest my case.

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