Saturday, 9 January 2010

Do Souls Return as Moths After Death?

"The Moth"

This is a drawing in memory of my grandfather who passed away years ago. I have had a very strong memory and a few vivid dreams after he passed away, and I had realised recently that I didn't have a drawing to capture this memory (in case I ever forget it).

An incident with a big black moth happened around a week or two after his funeral. I reckon the wingspan of the moth was at least 10cm! It flew into my window one night while I was studying in my room (I was then living in a flat on the 11th floor)

I freaked out at it (meaning I screamed and tried to swap it away from me) and the moth seems equally terrified of me, fluttering about the room in circles, trying to get out despite the wide open window.

There has been a Chinese myth that the soul that passed away will return as a black moth in 10 days to take one last look at his surviving relatives. Perhaps the LoA (Law of Attraction) was at work because I thought about it incessantly after the funeral, wondering if it was going to come true. It did! *gulp*

If that moth was really my grandfather, then I feel really sorry for it, because I freaked it out even though at the back of my head I was thinking it could be my grandfather in Moth-guise.

Sorry, Granddad if you were that Moth. I was just frightened at the size and blackness of you.

=@ Pixy

P.S. I took some artistic license to draw it more like a butterfly. For some reason, I felt the body should have colour. Perhaps it's because it contains the soul of my granddad.

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