Friday, 6 November 2009

Illustration Friday - Blur

My rather belated illustration that's just completed today...

"Blur" was the topic for the week before last and immediately the topic reminds me of the time in my childhood that I've been called "blur" - a slang in Singapore meaning scatterbrained.

My dear Home Economics teacher nicknamed me "Blur Queen" one day because I was flustering about the kitchen, chopping cleaning cooking and running about like a chicken that has lost her head.

Hence this portrait of me arose....

"Blur Queen"

This is me, 14 years old, in my Home Economics class,
That's my crown of glory as the "Blur Queen".

Trivia: "Sotong" is Malay for squid or octopus. It's common to call someone sotong if they are scatterbrained. 

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