Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Homemade Cards for Friends 4/5: Good Luck

Title: Good Luck

The ingredients that go into this:

1. a sheet of Thai handmade paper with flower petals and leaves
2. gold border stickers
3. flower stickers
4. some red buttons I salvaged from my mum's sewing kit
5. old wrapping paper (recycled from presents years before)
6. one white feather
7. a cheap gold round frame (from an art shop); you can also use a baby photo frame you want to throw away, repaint it with gold acrylic paint and create something beautiful out of old junk.
8. photocopies of the Chinese characters "fortune", "happiness" and "sacred" from a Mandarin-English dictionary.

Note: Most of my photocopies are printed from my home 3-in-1 inkjet printer because I was going for convenience, lacking the budget and the time to cycle 20 minutes to the nearest photocopying shop. However, if I did have the time and money, I would have printed them in the best quality possible.

Hint: Use your creativity when it comes to the elements of your card. What would be an interesting way to present your message? What pets, words, catchphrases, hobbies is your friend into?

Pictures of this vintage poster girl were downloaded from the internet, by googling "1930 Shanghai vintage poster". Mind you, this is one tough search as you will inadvertably come across bad quality pix, pix that are too small to print, and pix you can't save by right-clicking. However perseverance pays off, if you enter the correct year (1930) and "Shanghai", "advertising", and posters.

Trivia: Do you know that most of the models for these posters were young adult males? Females were forbidden to pose for posters in that 1930s era, as it was considered immodest.

x pixy

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