Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas Cards 3/4 - "Christmas Tomorrow!"

"Christmas Tomorrow!"
In this card, I've tried to capture the feeling of anticipation and distraction in children. These three kittens have hung up their Christmas stockings and hoping that they would be filled with lots and lots of goodies and presents the next day. However Little Miss Tabby has smuggled a fish somehow to bed and has momentarily forgotten about Christmas. Little Soot Spots is always one to be fast asleep at the drop of his hat (and snoring non-stop). Little Purry in blue hat is amused by the snoring and feels hungry with the smell of fish (thus scheming to come up with a trick to sneak the fish away from Little Miss Tabby). There's also the fire going to keep them warm in the frosty night before Christmas, and what excitement they will wake up with at dawn!

In my home country, there was never such a fireplace and I remembered reading all those nursery rhymes and fairytales and imagining with all my heart that one day I will get to experience such warmth and cosy feelings. My first experience of a warm fireplace on a cold day was in New Zealand, in a wooden hut up in the mountains. It sounds strange, but I had gotten such a feeling of love from God as I looked out at the snowy mountains and felt the warmth of a real fire inside the hut. I felt that someone must have really loved me to light that fire inside the hut so that I had that little space of comfort and warmth on the cold windy wintry mountain. Maybe you've experienced that too. The feeling inside doesn't need any friends or family around; it was a feeling of knowing and comfort. It's knowing that the Creator who created you, is taking care of you.

*25 sleeps till Christmas!*
x pixy

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