Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Gaupe Cufflinks - Illustration

Strange how destinies of people become intertwined. I was at a film seminar during Oslo's Innovation Week and got to know an American man who came to Oslo to start anew with life and he turned out to be an art collector of sorts and gives himself custom-made gold cufflinks every Christmas.

Over a coffee/tea, we were talking about a film project that we are interested in cooperating when I showed him some illustrations I made about the film project I am working on. A week later, he calls me and asks me if I can design some cufflinks for him based on the head of a Norwegian lynx (gaupe).

Even though I haven't touched my beloved illustration pen for a while, I said yes. With a nervous gulp, almost invisible from the outside.

Here are the drawings :)

This was the illustration I showed my American associate. Drew the prehistoric fish from a picture on the screen from the internet - no pencil, straight pen on paper. The girl is from my imagination, with a jellyfish like skirt.

A sketch of a gaupe, just to get to know the face structure, fur alignment, ears...

Preliminary sketch of cufflink design which is a little too rectangular instead of square.

Final sketch of gaupe design, with square face and more symmetrical patterns in the fur.

Side profile

My "commissioner" said that he would like the drawings autographed by me so that when I become famous, these would be worth a lot of money. Haha. Let's see how famous I become then :P

Note: All cufflink designs copyrighted by Little Pixy Boots.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

This drawing was inspired by a doll my Argentinian friend made. She is the Queen of Hearts, looking for her King. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and remember that this life and this breath is precious :)

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Stereotypes on Freelancers

This infographic is a bit old but it breaks the stereotypes of freelancers. Since I am a freelancer in illustration, film & TV and events, I thought this would be interesting (Click for bigger image).

2012 Freelancer Report Infographic (image) - See more at: http://www.internationalfreelancersday.com/2012report/infographic#sthash.AR5sRjPL.dpuf
- See more at: http://www.internationalfreelancersday.com/2012report

Monday, 21 March 2016

Blått Lerret 16 Mar 2016

Blått Lerret mars 2016
Grand Hotel

Blått Lerret (The Blue Screen) is a quarterly event organised by the Norwegian Film Institute's Promotion and International Relations department (lanseringsavdelingen) to promote Norwegian films that are premiering in the coming season. This time it is to promote three films that are coming in Spring - Grand Hotel, Pyromannen (Pyromaniac) and Sensommer (Late Summer). Hisham Zaman's short "A Boy in the Picture" opened the evening.

All the films seem interesting with the producer, directors and actors discussing the films with an intriguing insight to the production process. Entrance is usually 100 kroners plus 75 kr, but I have some connections so I always get in on the guest list :)

 Blått Lerret at Parktheatret in Grunerløkka. 
Doors opened at 19:30 and the event began at 20:00.
The host was Kalle Løchen and there was DJ and bar for the whole evening.
 Interview with Hisham Zaman for A Boy in the Picture. I liked the short quite well because it didn't have any dialog, only black and white shots of the boy as he went along his day. After speaking to the director privately, I found out that the boy was his nephew and that he was chosen because he resembled the director when he was a boy. It is in a way, an interesting self-portrait made decades into a person's life.

 Interview with Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken, director of Sensommer. 
A highly productive young director who likes to work mostly with film cameras, not digital. I have great admiration and respect for his skill and enthusiasm for film that he keeps producing. That is the level of creativity that I want to have and everyone is capable of reaching that potential.

Film location was also the accomodation for 14 actors and crew.

 Comedian Atle Antonsen stars in Grand Hotel

All links and recording copyrighted by NFI.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Norwegian Film Collection 2015-2016

Recently I received a feedback form from the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) about a project that I was coordinating in a team last year. The project is to make a presentable Norwegian Film Collection for overseas to build up the brand for Norway and its film industry. The Collection was launched in March 2015.

Using 3D effects in Photoshop, I designed this image above. During the process, I was going back and forth a lot with the contractor and the designer for the packaging. Minor details like the alignment of the titles, making it in alphabetical order, having colour coding for the different genres, where to place the logos, photos to place on the cover, spoofreading and gathering information for synopsis and crew fell onto my table. Mia Lindrup and Ingrid Dokka from the Promotion and International Relations department in NFI were part of our lovely team. The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway.

The aim is to strengthen the dissemination of Norwegian film abroad, so that Norwegian film art and film culture gets a wider distribution and capture an audience outside the major film festivals. The Film Collection will lead to greater demand in the long term for Norwegian film and enhance opportunities for sales and international distribution. They come with subtitles in ​​Norwegian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese / Brazilian version, Arabic, Russian and Mandarin.

Content in Movie Collection 2015-2016
  • Eight feature films: Kon-Tiki, Jeg er din (I am yours), Victoria, Pionér (Pioneer), Kyss meg for faen i helvete (Kiss me fucking hell), Keeper`n til Liverpool (Goalkeeper for Liverpool), Pelle Politibil på sporet (Pelle the Police Car on the track), Jørgen + Anne = Sant (Totally True Love).
  • Four documentaries: En ballong til Allah (A balloon for Allah), Til ungdommen (Bravehearts), Søsken til evig tid (Siblings forever), Let The Scream Be Heard
  • Two stock footage collections: Five Edvard Munch short films and a collection of polar films
  • Twelve short films: Stop Blaming the Iceberg, Skallaman (Bald man), Prematur (Premature), Å åpne, å se (Opening to see), Mannen fra isødet (The Man from the ice fields), Alien Repair Guy, Snø (Snow), Pyse (Wimp), Drømmen om kongeørnen (Dream of the Golden Eagle), Det siste norske trollet (the last Norwegian troll), Den magiske tiden (The magic time) og Superpappa og Pelé.

It was tedious to get every single detail right in text and graphics. Having some design background helped as I made a template for the designer to follow. Tedious work, but loads of fun :)

Some of the feedback (translated from Norwegian):

"We have experienced increased demand for Norwegian film from film festivals and cultural institutions around the United States and are very excited to have these great packages to offer them. Most used are films for children, and the embassy has shown short films for children at several events in cooperation with cultural institutions in Washington D.C. We hope the new package in 2017-18 will be produced, as we have benefited greatly from the program."

 "When we have used the films in various festivals / theaters they were shown to a large audience of different ages and from different backgrounds. (The Film Collection) has been widely embraced. It is particularly important with good Russian subtitles in all movies. English is not a language people master well in Russia, and thus subtitles are indispensable."

"The embassy in Rome are very pleased with the Film Collection 2015-2016. The films have been shown at the main arena of Nordic Film Fest, which takes place for the fifth time this year, with an audience of around 3,500 people. A Nordic Film Festival in Rome showed Nordic culture for an Italian audience through cinematography. About twenty festivals and film clubs in Italy have used this collection's different alternatives. We hope for a new edition 2017/18."

x Pixy

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